Koffiebeker met notitieboek pen en laptop

If you want to improve your Dutch text, I can help you. I have a lot of experience correcting and rewriting texts, both translations into Dutch and texts written in Dutch. At the moment, I spend about half of my time correcting and editing.

Language belongs to everyone. We use language every day. However, written language is different from spoken language. And for a book, different rules apply than for a blog that will often be only briefly scanned. So, how do you ensure that the message sticks?

What copy editing needs to be done depends on the text. Sometimes it required the correction of spelling and other minor errors. But it can also be that the structure of the text is not clear. In that case, it's  best to collaborate with the author to see how we can present all ideas as effectively as possible.

Editing of business texts

I have edited various Dutch texts, such as reports, newsletters, and business newsletters, but also blog articles, e-books, and books. In addition, I have edited several subsidy applications. Because, also for subsidy applications it's important to have a flawless and convincing text.

Book publishing

I have been a desk editor at an international academic publisher, which has given me insight into the publishing process.

Get in touch with me

Can I help you? If so, please contact me via this page.