Van spellingschecker tot copy editor

The kind of editing I will do for you, depends upon the service you need.

I can check a text on spelling and grammar errors. But I can also think along with the author and indicate why certain paragraphs work and others don't. Or I can see if the writing style is consistent and tailored to the target audience.

In short, I can be anything for you: from spell checker to copy editor.

I often proofread translations. In the translation industry its standard to have one translator work on a text and another translator proofread the result. This leads to the highest possible quality in the shortest time possible.

I have partly edited and partly translated into Dutch a research report that will lead to new governmental policy. Although I was not familiar with the topic, I quickly learned my way.

I have also edited several corporate newsletters.

Below you will find the books that I have edited, either entirely or part of it. Not all books are translations, some have been written in Dutch. 

I have worked as a desk editor at an academic publishing house, where I have learned the ins and outs of the publishing process, and how to correct a manuscript and direct the typesetter and the graphic designer.

I have edited numerous subsidy applications. In principle, a subsidy application is a story, on paper, that has to persuade someone else of the sense and usefulness of supporting a project that has been explained as well in writing.