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I am registered with several translations agencies, both in the Netherlands and abroad, including the agency that exploits the software program I use for my work.

Next to them, I also have "direct clients". These are clients or companies that have approached me directly. That's easy to do since I'm an entepreneur. If an assignment is large or the topic is specific, I can ask my colleagues to help me out.

References and samples can be provided upon request.

You could call it a professional hobby of mine: the difference between the Dutch and the English language. I work with it on a daily basis and it's subject of an ongoing public debate in the Netherlands. It's quite common nowadays to hear Dutch people speaking English to each other. A lot of Dutch master programms are taught in English, which eventually will lead to poorer Dutch language skills amongst the highest educated population of our country. Furthermore, you learn quicker if the topic is delivered in your own language. I think it's a shame that this development is supported with Dutch taxpayers' money, but who am I.

I have written an opinion piece about this, which was published in the Dutch national newspaper De Volkskrant: 'We cannot replace the Dutch language with the English language',

I have also posted a couple of LinkedIn articles on Dutch, English, and translations.

If you are interested in this topic and you want to know more about what differentiates these two languages, the book 'Righting English that's Gone Dutch' by Joy Burrough-Boenisch is an excellent read.

2016 - present
Full time freelance translator English to Dutch and Dutch copy editor

ITV Hogeschool for Interpreters and Translators, Vertalen, Course modul General Translation Skills (15 ECs)

Cambridge English Level 3 Cerificate in ESOL International (Advanced) - Level C2

2009 - 2015
Part time freelance translator English to Dutch and Dutch copy editor

2006 - 2015
Staff Member Research at the Erasmus Medisch Center Rotterdam

Desk Editor at Academic Publishing House Brill, Leiden

Graduate in Language and Culture Studies at the Utrecht University, MA

Lived and working in Londen, UK

Certified in Trados Studio 2019 for Translators (Level 3 - Advanced)

On a regular basis, I take courses and webinars to keep my translation skills and my specializations up to date.

Amongst other topics, I have taken courses in SEO for translators, proofreading, technical and medical translations, website translations and localizations.


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