As a translator, I have experience with general texts, anything from letters to websites, with technical texts, such as manuals but also more in-depth such as work instructions and audits, with medicial scientific texts, and with literary texts. I generally translate from English into Dutch (which is my mother tongue), but I have also performed translations from Dutch into English. In that case, I collaborate with an experienced English translator, who proofreads my work.

My English language skills have developed over the years. I have lived in London when I took a year off from my master in literature to experience living and working in England. I have learned a lot about the British culture, though I have also a broad knowledge of the American culture. My university thesis was on a modern American poet and I regularly keep up on American news. I have been, so far, to New York, Delaware, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

I speak and write English on a daily basis. I have the Cambridge Advanced English C-2 certificate, which is higher than required to professionally translate into English.


I translate marketing material.

I have translated medical scientific abstracts and other publication, both into English and Dutch. I have worked on a White Paper on digital pathology.

Other general medical translations I have translated are course material and protocols for doctors and other healthcare professionals.

I have quite some experience with technical translations.

Furthermore, I translated several books of poetry into Dutch receiving mostly favourable reviews in Dutch newspapers and magazines. Twice I received 4 out of 5 stars from the the newspaper de Volkskrant for my translations of poetry by Jack Kerouac and Lawrence Ferlinghetti.

I also proof-read Dutch texts; so far I have proof-read 8 books, fiction & nonfiction, and other texts, generally translations from other translators, though also texts written by Dutch native speakers.